Gasmask Devastation Terror
(Dunkelheit Produktionen)

GOATBLOOD is a German Black Death Metal duo that released two albums by now. Still, this is a demo featuring an intro and seven tracks. Let’s dissect this a bit… The songtitles are pretty apocalyptic, such as ‘Mushroom Cloud Sunset’ or ‘Goatlord Assassinator’, and it all begins with an intro called ‘Gasmask Suffocation’ in which you can hear steps outside in the wind and a Darth Vader-esque breathing before the music sets in. And what you get here is an extremely primitive, distorted Metal that seems to be totally inspired by BLASPHEMY, just not as intense and sounding far more amateurish, mainly in the drums department… and the guitars too, to be honest. Production is nearly non existent, the guitars and bass are heavily distorted and the vocals are low pitched, uttering utterly incomprehensible words. The musical technique is rather basic; to give you an idea HELLHAMMER sound very technical compared to this. Occasional solos seem improvised and oblivious to anything resembling a scale. I cannot really see them as much more than a poor imitation of BLASPHEMY (even the demo’s cover artwork shares some of its concept with "Fallen Angel Of Doom…"). That said, I actually somewhat enjoyed it. Some moments in, say, ‘Radioactive Moans’, for example, were even rather good. So if you’re into the really primitive sounding and aggressive stuff, give it a go (but you better be quick, since it is limited to 100 copies only! – Frank). Get more info at: www.facebook.com/pages/goatblood/492948934177125, www.dunkelheit-produktionen.de.

Ricardo Campos

Ricardo Campos

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