Endless Pilgrimage
(Sepulchral Voice Records)

Finally there’s some news from the netherworld; after 3 years of silence, the wait for the successor to "Odori Sepulcroru" has come to an end. The more or less negative aspect "Endless Pilgrimage" just being another EP instead of a full length, isn’t that negative at all. At least it’s stuffed with 5 tracks and a total running time of more than half an hour. So, in case of Sepulchral Voice Records, you get, as always, total value for money. With the first sitar tones in ‘Yama Transforms To Afterlife’, the London based quartet makes a clear and unmistakeably statement: this is not your average occult Death Metal fast food! GRAVE MIASMA is way more profound and of an compelling power that leads your inner self to another dimension, to a life beyond, like one may think while referring to the album title. And when I’m not completely mistaken, they draw their lyrical inspiration for example from hinduism, which isn’t that common and even more interesting instead of that never ending battle against christianity. But something seems to be a bit different in contrast to their previous releases. It’s maybe just me, but I got the feeling that the (un)controlled mayhem and brutality from the past, made way for a way more focused and straight but still intense as fuck and sophisticated songwriting. I guess the re-arrangement of ‘Glorification Of The Impure’, an old GOAT MOLESTÖR song, pretty much sums it up, what I’m trying to figure out. it has that chaotic leads and blasts from the past, while the other 4 songs often speak a more diverse language. There’s still time and space for uptempo eruptions and insane guitar harmonies and of course Y’s slightly reverb backed vokills are strong enough to this day to remove a coffin’s lid. To me ‘Full Moon Dawn’ is THE outstanding track of "Endless Pilgrimage" and is a perfect example for the bands’ new focus; on the one hand to write memorable and churning, yet bone crushing and spine chilling Death Metal hymns without even betraying their roots at all and on the other hand evolving as musicians while expanding the boundaries of dark occult Death Metal. Those impelling drums and the bulldozing guitars with outstanding and captivating leads totally engulfs the listener and maybe makes you think of a darkened version of later BOLT THROWER. Hell yeah, call me stupid for that comparison, but it’s brilliant and one of the best tracks I’ve heard for a very long time. So what?! In today’s more than vivid but also totally flooded Death Metal underground GRAVE MIASMA stands out as purveyors of high quality noise entertainment and together with the also terrific latest incantation of CRUCIAMENTUM this is the best current UK Death Metal. It goes without saying that the cover artwork perfectly suits the musical and lyrical content likewise. Go ahead and convince yourself at:,,

Carsten Lomme

Carsten Lomme

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