Bloodrust Scythe
(I Hate Records)

Death himself is sending his warm invitation to every true Metal soul and really nobody should ignore this ‘hellish’ hour of Death / Thrash otherwise his Metal soul will definitely burn in hell. What an album and what a fantastic and breathtaking opener in form of the killer track ‘Night Of The Possessed’ – while listening to this song your neck will scream for all night action without remorse. Without blaming these guys from Nürnberg / Germany but the parallels to the great DESASTER and consequently their idols KREATOR and / or the almighty SLAYER are undeniable – especially due to the fact that their shouter Iron Tyrant sounds like the lost twin brother of the former DESASTER frontman Okkulto. But HELLISH CROSSFIRE offer a wider perspective with further minor Heavy Metal influences. The album sounds on one hand extremely traditional but nevertheless unbelievable powerful with fantastic guitar parts – especially the track ‘Into The Old And Evil’ is more than worth mentioning here. This time it’s completely unimportant how you call this music – HELLISH CROSSFIRE are playing fucking Metal without compromise and any nonbeliever will automatically shoot to death. The year is still young – and a lot of good and far more bad releases will surface during the year – but releases like “Bloodrust Scythe” will be rare occasion even if I’m everything else than a holy prophet . Buy this album, bow your head, open a bottle of good German beer and worship his killer band. For more info check out: www.ihate.se, www.myspace.com/ihate666, www.myspace.com/hellishcrossfirethrash

Matthias Auch

Matthias Auch

HELLISH CROSSFIRE - The Demos (Alfonso Perez)
HELLISH CROSSFIRE - Slaves Of The Burning Pentagram (Hurricane)

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