Promo 2009

IMPURITY! The great BEHERIT from Brazil! A legendary band if there ever was one! And it’s good to have them finally release another… wait, this isn’t them!? No? Ok guys, first things first: FUCKING CHANGE THE NAME!! And not to BLASPHEMY, IMPIETY or something like that! Hey, not everyone can be Mr.Exotic Underground like most of the readers of Voices (myself included)… I understand. But rectify this mistake ASAP guys! Now to the music. It is a good and heavy Death Metal, 3 songs and intro promo, very well played / executed; these are obviously quality musicians here; I could only hear the drummer not be able to keep up with the blast beat once for a couple of seconds. What this is is American Death Metal with some Black Metal (not norsecore) touches (to me they are best when they add these) with what sounds like some heavy Swedish Death Metal (not AT THE GAYS) passages… sometimes they remind me of the typical boring style of American Death Metal, so maybe they could send this promo to Unique Leader Records? But then they add these aforementioned parts and then they sound more special and then I would advise them as others have, to send it to Ibex Moon Records as they are looking for labels “to finance a full length and release it.” I personally believe that way of doing things is obsolete! Record your CD and look for a label to release it and you keep your rights to your recording and songs to do with as you please! Just pretty please, with sugar on it: fuckin’ change the name!,

Luis M.L. Sallard

Luis M.L. Sallard

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