Initiate Mind Regression
(Forgotten Wisdom Productions)

INVOKER from France are another band focussing on old school Thrash Metal and this tape is their first release, dating back to the year 2005. So a quite late review, but please do not blame me for I received “Initiate Mind Regression” in January 2007. Eight tracks are offered on this release and I must admit that I do not like them very much. The reason for my lack of sympathy is simply the sterile atmosphere on this output. There is the typical Thrash Metal shouting, the typical mid-tempo and blasting parts, the razor sharp like guitar riffs, it is all there. But the different components are not connected together, they are put together in a loveless way, so you are listening to more to different elements like guitar, drums and vocals than to a complete song. Let me try to explain. If you want to cook, you can buy the ingredients and throw all together, and it will not work. Since “Initiate Mind Regression” is the first release by INVOKER and the band has definitely potential, hopefully they manage to record some more homogenous tracks next time. Band contact:; label contact:

Mirco Szymyslik

Mirco Szymyslik

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