Split CD
(Iron Tyrant Records)

Germany’s excellent SAMAEL worshippers ANAEL (watch out for their album on Barbarian Wrath Records) have teamed up with the noisy, often disharmonic Canadian Black Metallers LUST and released a split CD consisting of four ANAEL and six LUST tracks. The latter are definitely not my cup of tea but whoever likes emotional, desperate Black Metal with the aforementioned noise elements and tantalising weird riffs should get along pretty fine with LUST – really extreme music. ANAEL are really great, I also know their "Infernal Devotion" EP which was released last year on Sombre and their new songs are fantastic sinister and haunting Black Metal like old SAMAEL whose first two offerings deserve to be worshipped with that intensity. Productionwise ANAEL perfectly recapture the "Worship Him" sound as well and should appeal to every old school Black Metal maniac. Because the Canadians’ style differs that significantly from ANAEL I found the mixture presented on this split CD slightly improper, but you should find out for yourself! The price is 13 Euro (Europe) or 15 US$ (world). And in a few months it will be out on limited vinyl as well. For more information surf to the label’s web site

Stefan Franke

Stefan Franke

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