1987 Demo
(Desacration Of God Productions)

Unholy, infernal bringers of hate! Ultra-cult label D.O.G. has exhumed what is no doubt their best release to date with this three-song vinyl holocaust culled from MALFEITOR’s 1987 demo. ‘Diabolic Execution’, ‘Bringer Of Hate’ and ‘Dark Funeral’ comprise the classic Thrash attack guaranteed to leave your neck sore and ears bleeding. Combining perfectly the abyssic execution of "Bestial Devastation" era SEPULTURA with the savage grace and spirit of SLAUGHTER LORD (and production to match!), this 7" should be utterly devoured by hardcore maniacs of ’80s Death / Thrash. Hard to believe this band was so overlooked, but here’s your chance to catch up on a little-known gem (limited to 300 copies). Dust off that turntable and prepare for slaughter! Contact:

Charles Keller

Charles Keller

MALFEITOR - Dum Morior Orior (Luxi Lahtinen)
MALFEITOR - Incubus (Matthias Auch)

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