Bloodyssey 1994-2003
(Cyclone Empire Records)

Back in the first half of the 90s, MIGHTIEST rose as one of the most promising bands along with NAGELFAR, NORDLYS, SECRETS OF THE MOON etc. within the German Black Metal scene. This double CD features MIGHTIEST’s three official releases so far: "The Recreation Of The Shadowlands" demo from 1995, "Eden’s Fall" demo from 1999 and "Whatever Ground We May Roam" MCD from 2003. Beginning with "Recreation Of The Shadowlands", this is, for me, still one of the best Black Metal demos I ever got hold of. On the one hand it is dirty and raw, on the other hand it reveals this extremely deep atmosphere which makes this one so special. This is just perfect to dive into a winternight’s deep space and and coldness. The "Eden’s Fall" demo already emphasises the band’s development away from pure Black Metal into a more melodic Black / Death Metal styled direction. Well, there are always two sides of the coin, surely the unique, dark, icy atmosphere of the first demo got lost somehow on this way, but MIGHTIEST evolved into some really good, solid, down-to-earth Metal the dark way. So I think this is better than repeating themselves all over again and becoming a boring pale shade. "Whatever Ground We May Roam" starts where "Eden’s Fall" ended and follows this development consequently. MIGHTIEST have grown up and know how to handle their instruments (they always did). "Whatever Ground We May Roam" shows itself by good riffing along with a melodic, atmospheric aura. This double CD is definitely worth to be checked out, because on all three operas, MIGHTIEST still offer more than the usual solid, good produced stuff. www.mightiest.eu, www.cyclone-empire.com

Andi Bauer

Andi Bauer

MIGHTIEST - SinisTerra (Alfonso Perez)

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