Issue # 2
(68 pages, A4, printed, in German)

Main editor Thomas was so kind to send me issue no.2 together with issue no.1 as I had not seen his magazine before. The first thing that really got me was how professionally the magazine looks… The magazine is printed on high-glossy paper and must have been really expensive! Also the layout is really well-done as there are many little details to discover in the backgrounds of the texts. They must have spent quite some hours on that. Most important of all is of course the content. Next to the usual CD- and vinyl-reviews, this issue features really entertaining interviews with for example POSSESSED (done by Costa and previously published in his Tales… magazine), CRYPTOPSY, EXHUMED, IMPETIGO, NUNSLAUGHTER, GOREAPHOBIA, MASSACRE (a really godly interview done by Frank, you can also find it on this website), SEVERE TORTURE, SCURVY, BRODEQUIN, CREMATORY (the Swedes, not the Germans!) and some more. Additionally there’s also a NUNSLAUGHTER / SUFFOCATION poster. The interviews are written with a lot of humour (just read the CRYPTOPSY and the EXHUMED interviews!) which is a good thing to my opinion. Personally, I liked issue no.1 a bit more as the bands featured in there (DESASTER, PENTACLE…) were a bit more appealing to my own musical taste. Nevertheless, I have no problems with stating that Necromaniac really is a killer zine and an absolute must for all the lovers of old-school and true Death Metal! As there are not soooo many magazines out there who really just focus on this musical style only, I’m really curious how this zine is going to develop in the future… It’s for sure more than worth to keep an eye on. I don’t know the price, but I guess the usual 6 to 8,-DM will do the trick. Order it at the following address: NECROMANIAC, c/o Thomas Westphal, Auestr. 7, 27616 Kransmoor, Germany

Steven Willems

Steven Willems

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