Issue # 4
(80 pages, A4, printed, in German)

I think Thomas Westphal (editor of NECROMANIAC) should give layouting-lessons even to the big ones, because they look either like a happy Hippie mag or have unreadable letters and a boring design – I think you’ll know what I mean. The NECROMANIAC looks extraordinarily good because of all the small visual gimmicks, frames and small paintings Thomas added here and there to make each interview look individual and to make sure it fits to the image or style of the band. The interviews of this issue are mainly Death / Grind acts like DISAVOWED, LIVIDITY, GORATORY, ROTTENNESS, that are spiced up with cult acts like POSSESSED (5 pages!!!), PENTAGRAM (Chile), a ’93 classic interview with PROFANATICA and old school Death Metal like AUTOSPY TORMENT, INCANTATION, REPUGNANT, CADAVERIZER and many many more. There’s also one with the incredible coverartist Studio Sho, which is quite interesting. Once again he has increased the number of pages and added a nice INCANTATION / CARCASS poster. Although I hope that he will do a bit more old school stuff the next time, there’s nothing to criticize here. NECROMANIAC # 4 is funny, informative and one of Germany’s best zines. For insiders there’s also an AKCB interview, which is in fact the best and ugliest Death / Grind band in the world, but find out yourself!!! Get it for 3 EUR from the following address: NECROMANIAC, c/o Thomas Westphal, Auestr. 7, 27616 Kransmoor, Germany, If you like to talk with Thomas or trade gay porn contact him via Email:

Stefan Franke

Stefan Franke

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