Issue # 9
(84 pages, A4, printed, in English)

A few years have passed since the release of issue # 8 from this north of Germany based freak with the "gay"-gantic humor, but now he’s back! The NECROMANIAC himself! Actually there’s not much to say, expect for: YOU NEED IT!!! This issue # 9 basically hits the same target audience like MYSTICAL MUSIC does, somehow I wondered if Thomas set a spy on my hard disk, because some bands in his content list also pop up in our issue # 16. Well, seems like we both have a good taste in music, ha! Seriously this # 9 is packed to the max with close to 33 stories, some more, some less in-depth. The layout (with old school frames etc.) is bloody well-done, but the fonts are not always wisely selected and the small lettersize (like in the PENTACLE story) gonna kick your eyes seriously. Anyway all true old schoolers with an age of 30+ wear glasses, so take the risk! The amount of reviews is reduced to a very small basic, which is a matter of taste, but personally I’m also more of an interview reading guy and here you get: AUTOPSY, POISONOUS, STENCH OF DECAY, ERODED (I), BLASPHERIAN, a special about artist Daniel Desecrator, GRAVE MIASMA, BONE SICKNESS and so much more! He even has been so mad that he did a special on MYSTICAL MUSIC, so what shall I say. I always liked that zine, which also had some influences on our paperwork, too. Simply get it! Each copy comes along with a free NECROMANIAC # 9 CD(R) sampler. Price 6 Euro (plus p&p).,

Ralf Hauber

Ralf Hauber

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