Issue # 5
(92 pages, A4, printed, in German)

Usually I don’t review zines before I have finished reading them, but in this case I simply had to make an exception, cause otherwise this big fat monster will most certainly be sold out already by the time my stupid babbling about it goes online. And hey – by knowing the previous four issues, this is no risky venture at all anyway, so… Within a rather short period of time Germany’s NECROMANIAC has evolved into one of THE leading underground zines and this fifth edition is the ultimate proof of that! Editor Thomas Westphal not only has a great taste when it comes to the selection of bands (more about that in a minute), he’s furthermore a highly skilled artist and comes up with a very cool underground layout, yet done in the most professional way (a true Photoshop genius)! Due to the use of expensive, high glossy paper, a full colored cover (as usual with artwork done by Thomas himself) and one more time with an increased number of pages (no less than twelve more than last time!!!) this issue is visually already the most impressive yet (and therefore hardly to top in the future!). But of course it’s the contents that matters the most, but that easily lives up to the big expectations once more. Or would you disagree if I tell you that the list of interviewed killer acts includes names such as THE CHASM, SADISTIC INTENT, VITAL REMAINS, IMMOLATION, ROTTREVORE, MANTICORE, COFFIN TEXTS, FUNEBRARUM, DESTRUKTOR, OCCULT, KULT OV AZAZEL, LORD GORE, BLACK WITCHERY and so on and so on? You’ll also get interviews with artist Kris Verwimp and DESECRATION OF VIRGIN zine editor King Wolle, several reviews and an A3 black and white poster (SADISTIC INTENT b/w VITAL REMAINS), so if you really consider yourself a true underground maniac (able to understand the German language and the partly rather sick sense of humor of Thomas and his gang), you shouldn’t hesitate to order this immediately. It officially sells for 3,50 Euro (+ 0,77Euro for postage), but to support Thomas’ work a bit more (and to help him finance the unexpected additional costs of this issue) you should go for 5,-Euro right away. It’s worth every cent anyway. Contact (new address!!): Thomas Westphal, Elbestr. 2, 26188 Edewecht, Germany, Email:, website:

Frank Stöver

Frank Stöver

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