Subterranean Death Rising
(Iron Pegasus Records)

NECROMANIAC from the UK… Ahh the UK, I never can’t get enough of bands from this country. It always throws me back to Death and Black Metal nostalgia. When it comes to NECROMANIAC we speak about devotion, about a cult to the elders (HELLHAMMER, SAMAEL, without naming them). Take a bit of Black spirit, a pinch of Thrash riffing, all sprinkled with some Death throat and you get this dark and aggressive mixture. The EP opens with ‘Subterranean Death Rising’ and the scenery is directly set at the beginning of the track. By closing the eyes, you can distinguish the altar, smell the burning candles, the rite is about to begin… Suddenly everything becomes dark, impossible to escape to see some light. Furious riffing and an evil throat leads you among no ending catacombs. And then ‘Sealed For Eternity’ pushes the nail on the still open wound delivering several and different guitar riffs which always keep the listener on permanent alert. Sometimes whirring, sometimes furious, sometimes mid-tempo, wrapped some seconds with keys to put some drama in it, the whole then balancing with some martial drumming. Pretty wide panel of abilities are delivered here. Currently, NECROMANIAC is writing songs for their first full-length album. So, if these 2 tracks revealed some evilness and interest in you, you will get more band information here:, The EP can be ordered from Morbid Metal to the death!

Sined-Erriep Ohr

Sined-Erriep Ohr

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