Issue # 3
(72 pages, A4, printed, in German)

Grandmaster Westphal and his staff of perverted Death / Grind maniacs already delivers his third issue. And he not only managed to keep the high quality of the first two editions of his "sickofanzine", he even added 4 more pages and a full colored, very cool looking self designed (!) coverart for your pleasure, without charging anything extra. What a nice guy… And I have no doubts that the contents will certainly satisfy the needs of every brutal music addict once more pretty easily. Tons of extremely entertaining interviews, a report on the LUDWIGSHAFEN DEATHFEST, an ANCIENT DEATH ATTACK with good old Wannes (of the mighty PENTACLE), a 2-sided (b/w) poster (NIHILIST & AUTOPSY!!!) and a whole bunch of reviews got compiled for this pro-printed (on high glossy paper!) and extremely professional, yet totally underground styled MEGAzine. As for the interviews – well… BOLT THROWER, ACHERON, ABOMINATOR, BLOOD, BLASPHEMY (!), NECROVORE (four insane pages!!!!!), HEADHUNTER D.C., REBAELLIUM, DISINTER, EMBEDDED, PYAEMIA, FLESHTIZED, THORNSPAWN, SINISTER, SANATORIUM, INCANTATION, BLOOD DUSTER, PIG DESTROYER, DESPONDENCY, INFERNAL DOMINION, PUTRILAGE and GODLESS TRUTH made it into this issue, so all I can say is – Hacker beware! A very promising zine, which is highly recommended! Sells for 3EUR (+ 0,75 postage / outside of Germany plus 1, 50EUR). Contact: NECROMANIAC, c/o Thomas Westphal, Auestr. 7, 27616 Kransmoor, Germany,

Frank Stöver

Frank Stöver

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