Issue # 666
(76 pages, A4, printed, in German)

Well, meanwhile I think everybody capable of understanding German should have come across this zine dedicated to all kinds of Death Metal (except the melodic Death crap), old school Thrash and obscure War / Black Metal… I see no sense in beating around the bush but after I had spend a couple of wonderful toilet sessions with NECROMANIAC’s sixth issue it grew pretty obvious that it is Thomas Westphal’s best work to date! With bands like BLASPHEMY, DEEDS OF FLESH, SUFFOCATION, EQUINOX, DRAWN AND QUARTERED, GORETRADE, TOXIC HOLOCAUST, CRUCIFIRE, GOAT SEMEN, REIGN OF TERROR (TX), DECREPIT BIRTH, MACABRE, SAPROGENIC, SLUGATHOR on board and Thomas’ unique, pretty funny interview style (that crazy fucker even dared to mess around with SUFFOCATION’s Frank Mullen!) this issue is once again a delicacy for all sick music gourmets!!! In addition to the aforementioned bands you’ll also get four well done posters (NECROVORE (yes!!!), BLASPHEMY, DECREPIT BIRTH, DEVOURMENT), a Death Metal quiz with Hacker & Andi of UNHOLY TERROR ZINE, a good load of album, zine and tape reviews and of course the typical outstanding layout and artwork by "Little Moyen" Westpahl (haha!). The front cover is definitely one of his best and using sinister red colours makes it look both blasphemous and dark and not as colourful as the ones on issue 3 and 5 nor as overdone as the front of issue 4. Another thing I really like about this particular issue is that it marks a return to the clearly structured, orderly arranged interview layout of the earlier issues of NECROMANIAC, in some of the last two or three issues there was sometimes almost too much artwork for my taste. Apart from that there’s hardly anything worth of being criticised, this is one of the best zines around, if not even THE best and there is no fucking excuse for not buying it!!! Westphal’s zine is an "institution" in the underground Metal scene and it makes my life worthwile… haha… Order it for 3€ + 0,77€ postage (Germany) respectively 2,60€ postage (world) from: Ron Jeremy, Anal Humperdrive 6… no, hehe… Thomas Westphal, Elbestrasse 2, 26188 Edewecht, Germany. Email:, website:

Stefan Franke

Stefan Franke

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