Issue # 8
(64 pages, A4, printed, in English)

Mr. Westphal really deserves a lot of respect for still keeping the flame of his printed, first class underground rag burning after so many years now, especially in times when everyone seems to check out new bands through the internet and myspace (uuurgh!) in particular. In fact, NECROMANIAC seems to be one of the last zines (of this quality) that is still around, now that also UNHOLY TERROR called the quits on the print side of things. But anyway – if you ever had the pleasure to read any of the previous issues (which I’m sure you had!), you will already know that NECROMANIAC is of top notch quality in every way (amazing layout, high glossy paper, pro-printed, full colored cover etc.). And that hasn’t changed a bit with # 8. This time you’re about to read interviews with bands like DROWNED, HEADHUNTER D.C., ANATOMIA, NECROS CHRISTOS, NERLICH, MORBOSIDAD, HACAVITZ, DEAD CONGREGATION, CANNABIS CORPSE, LOBOTOMIZED, ARCHGOAT, PROCLAMATION, DETHRONED, BRAINDRILL, GUTTURAL SECRETS and VORE as well as artist Pär Olofsson and the editor of Swedish Death Metal Daniel Ekeroth. Musically not all of the bands match my personal taste, but due to the fact that the overall writing is in Thomas’ wellknown sick sense of humor, they are highly entertaining nevertheless. Lots of reviews and a poster of ARCHGOAT and REPULSION as well as a 20 track CD-R sampler complete the picture. On sale now for 5,-€ (plus 0,85€ for postage inside of Germany) / 8,-€ (ppd. rest of the world) at Go for it, before it’s too late!

Frank Stöver

Frank Stöver

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