Issue # 7
(64 pages, A4, printed, in English)

When grandmaster Westphal announced an english written issue of his extremely cool underground zine, I had serious doubts that he would be able to transfer his sick sense of humor into it as well… But as we can all check out ourselves now, he did manage to pull it off extremely well! Due to the fact that his regular job was giving him a really hard time throughout the last years, it unfortunately took him a lot longer than originally planned to come up with this 7th edition (while the idea of an additional German version had to be cancelled completely) – but as usual, it was definitely worth the long wait! In his typical highly professional layout- / printing-style (yet visually totally old school, with lots of skulls, blasphemy and gore type art) also this one turned out to be another brilliant issue again! Ok, musically it’s not 100% what I would listen to myself (tastes are luckily different), but all in all he came up with a very interesting collection of blasphemous hordes nevertheless. On 64 high glossy pages (b/w, with a colored cover though) you’re getting interviews with acts such as ANAL VOMIT, IMPIETY, SCENT OF DEATH, FUNERUS, MELEKTAUS, COFFINS, VULCANO, MACHETAZO, INFECTED MALIGNITY, INVERACITY, EXTREME VIOLENCE, SANCTIFIER, KAAMOS, NECROVATION plus a highly interesting chat with coverartist Juanjo Castellano and an in-depth From Beyond Productions label feature with Roman. I guess it’s needless to say that also tons of reviews are included, isn’t it? Unfortunately some technical errors accured this time around as well. The MORBOSIDAD poster didn’t end up on the flipside of the (vintage) IMMOLATION poster and some text passages in the COFFINS and FROM BEYOND features got lost. What also irritates me personally a bit is the fact that the interview answers got printed in bold letters most of the time (as opposed to interview questions, which is the usual way) and that Thomas complains about the lack of critical comments concerning some of Pete Helmkamp’s controversial interview statements in his ANCIENT SPIRIT TERROR zine review, but misses out on that himself in his IMPIETY interview when Shayaithan talks about his "anti-semitic /anti-jewish" attitude… And hey, isn’t that a slightly changed swastica within the pentagram on the frontcover of this issue Herr Westphal? Anyway, knowing Thomas long enough now, all this shouldn’t prevent you from ordering a copy of Germany’s best print zine around these days! It sells for 4,50 Euro / 5,- US $ (postage: 0,85 Euro in Germany, surface delivery outside of Germany: 2,-Euro; airmail Europe: 3,50 Euro, rest of the world: 6,-Euro). Contact: His website has a new URL as well ( and there’s also a stupid (yet more up-to-date) myspace domain as well now (

Frank Stöver

Frank Stöver

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