Caé Ya

This is a self-released single in CD-R format with just one track, sung in Spanish, about 4 and half minutes long. PANDEMONIUM are a Death / Thrash band from Uruguay formed in 2013 and this pretty much sounds like a recorded rehearsal. It is that lo-fi. Still, the raw sound fits this South American extreme music and you can still easily discern the three instruments plus vocals. I very much enjoyed the aggressive vocals and was surprised to realize they belong to a young girl that also plays the bass, Andrea Pereira. Reading about the band, including interviews, I can only say I am pleased to see that there are still young and kicking Metal scenes around the globe in which artists struggle and succeed in keeping the Metal underground alive. As for this brutal track, the trio is more than capable of handling their instruments, their heart is in the right place and, you know, when you play music from the heart you can’t go wrong. Fine drumming, good distorted guitars, a busy bass and Andrea’s remarkable throat. It just sounds so much like the good old times of Death Metal demos… I feel years lifted from my back as I listen to this. If you are into old school stuff and into supporting young people willing to carry the torch of great music of yore, go to

Ricardo Campos

Ricardo Campos

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