Into The Bottomless Pit
(Death In Pieces Records)

Originally released by Macabre End Productions as a 4 way split tape this year, Death In Pieces Records now took over duties for a CD version of this compilation of rotten Death Metal. The title “Into The Bottomless Pit” says it all but nevertheless let’s have a closer look. What irritated me is the fact the bands are sorted in reverse order. So first on the bill are ERUPTIVE from Paraguay with some kind ASPHYX devoted style of Death Metal with a slice BOLT THROWER influence. Hopefully there will be a mini album or full-length in the future, I really liked their two songs. Label owners looking for a band with a skilled hand regarding songwriting and mastering their instruments may take a closer listen to ERUPTIVE. Next up we have ENGROSSED from Italy, presenting two new songs. Very reduced, somehow you can see, respectively hear, the grass growing. At some moments I felt reminded of the latest album of FETID ZOMBIE, just without the melodies. Luckily the one-man project is speeding up the pace from time to time, otherwise it would sound like a doom apocalypse in the vein of WINTER and their masterpiece “Into Darkness” back from 1990. The next two songs are again new songs, this time from VORUS, which released their debut last year. You can definitely hear the knowledge of the duo, they even manged to record an audible bass guitar. By all four bands VORUS are the one with the most complex song structures, incorporating melodies and bass lines a bit away from the typical rotten Death Metal scheme. Very interesting and definitely worth a listen. Last up are the Romanian ROTHEADS, the only band on this compilation which is stepping on the gas pedal and using blast beats. In combination with those famous Swedish Death Metal melodies a very good mixture. More than once I thought of “Like An Ever Flowing Stream” by DISMEMBER. Like their state colleagues VORUS they also released their debut last year. To sum it up: no fillers, just killers. All four bands, with or without full-length, are highly enjoyable and making this compilation an exquisitely hearing pleasure. More information about each band and the label can be found at the following places:,,,,

Mirco Szymyslik

Mirco Szymyslik

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