Preaching The Sin

It seems that THORNESBREED really must’ve changed for the better with this new release… I gotta admit that I personally didn’t hear them before, but I do remember that good ol’ Hacker of UNHOLY TERROR magazine still mentioned the occasional use of keyboards on their 1999 debut demo "Suppression Of Desire". On "Preaching The Sin" they completely got rid off of that and the result sounds very promising! What they put down on tape here are four songs (+ intro) of incredibly brutal and devastating Death Metal, that reminds me a bit on a cool mixture of very early AMORPHIS ("Disment Of Soul" / "Privilege Of Evil" – mainly for the guttural deep vocals) and vintage CARCASS (for the furious insanity). So, no wimp shit here! The overall sound is extremely cool (Soundforge Studio, Berlin produced by Kai Mertens of HARMONY DIES) and you easily notice that these guys are already playing together since 1997 as their technical abilities come across very matured sounding. In a way the band’s info really sums it up perfectly: "…the result is a lot faster, more technical and more dark than "Suppression Of Desire"…". So, everyone into the most brutal form of Death Metal shouldn’t hesitate to ask for prices at the following address: André Leischner, Weißenbrunn 8i, 08432 Steinpleis, Germany, e-mail:, website:

Frank Stöver

Frank Stöver

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