Clouded Restrainment
(Metal Fortress Entertainment)

This young band from Denmark creates powerful, driving Death Metal remembering me of Swedish SOULREAPER since influences from "Covenant" phase MORBID ANGEL get mixed with the straightness and melodic feel of Scandinavian Death Metal acts. Whereas USIPIAN’s previous release, the MCD "Human Spirit Massacre", was a lot more technical than "Clouded Restrainment", the quintet focuses now on a concise songwriting, memorable structures, fewer progressive passages and the result sounds much heavier than before! It is a damn pity that this is only a two song EP, because I definitely feel the need for more of USIPIAN’s individual and fresh Death Metal sounds. They are not trying to be the fastest and most brutal band around, but deliver two well-written songs with a dark and heavy feeling, some nice melodic leads, sinister growls and aggressive screams – to sum it up: great Death Metal with a lot of variation and a perfect, not too polished production. So check out the samples on USIPIAN’s website, buy this well done EP and support this talented act! The label can be found here

Stefan Franke

Stefan Franke

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