Dead Corner Of The Eye
(Metal Fortress Entertainment)

When it comes to Danish Death Metal mostly three names appear: INIQUITY, EXMORTEM and ILLDISPOSED. But our neighbour country has much more to offer than the aforementioned killer outfits. One of these hordes are USIPIAN which have been active in the underground already since 1995. This squadron released some quite impressive stuff in the past (“The Human Spirit Massacre” demo CD in 2001 and the “Clouded Restrainment” 7″EP, just to name the two most important ones). “Dead Corner Of The Eye” is the title of their debut album and delivers us quite strong Death Metal. Their steel is forged by old school elements and a slight modern Death Metal approach. Their overall sound is a little bit in the vein of bands like MORBID ANGEL, IMMOLATION or SUFFOCATION but these Danish Hellbangers have their independent style and identity. The tunes are played on a high technical level and are executed very precisely by exquisite musicians. Yeah, they are damned tight these guys! The quintet doesn’t pretent to be the most brutal band in the world and so the material on the album is very rich in details and has enough variation. You will get here fast blasts, crushing midpaced sections, cool breaks and slowdowns as well as some thrashy guitar riffs. Despite the heavy and brutal stuff all is refined with some excellent dark melodies. Just listen to ‘Dead Reckoning’, ‘World Without Skin’ or ‘Clouded Restrainment’ and you will get an idea of the excellent songwriting abilities of this outfit. The production of the album is very heavy and crispy and it compliments the eleven compositions very well. The packaging also leaves nothing to be desired. Suitable artwork and an extra thick booklet will please all maniacs out there. All in all a very solid and convincing longplayer which should appeal to all high quality Death Metal heads out there. This one is again Danish dynamite! or

Michael Oelschlegel

Michael Oelschlegel

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