Stench Of The Deceased
(Listenable Records)

After two demo tapes “Unearthed” and “Vile-ation” the debut album “Stench Of The Deceased” was originally released in 1999 by the band itself and it’s already sold out by now. So it is the right time just after the release of the band’s second full-length “Depopulate” to re-release this awesome piece of brutality. Although I like “Depopulate” a lot I have to say that I still prefer “Stench Of The Deceased”. This is a hell of a Death Metal album full of brutality, skilled musicianship and very varied and matured song writing. Here you can find everything what to expect from an ass kicking Death Metal album, a devastating production, crushing guitars, vigorous drumming (by the way, Mike Hamilton who played the drums on this debut album is now in DEEDS OF FLESH) and deeeeeep growling vocals. Juan Urteaga is one of the top Death Metal vocalists. His voice has the power to devour all those frog-noise kiddies. Although you can hear that VILE is influenced by Cannibal Corpse they created their own sound. VILE is a Death Metal machine, precise, mean and brutal!!! The songs range from midpaced to fast blasting and they are always powerful, raging, violent and in your face. This re-issue comes with a bonus song from the 1996 “Unearthed” demo and three live songs (Recorded in 1999) which shows the unbelievable perfection of a VILE live show. I just saw two shows on their recent European tour and I’m totally blown away by their performance. Killer!!! And now get your fingers on “Stench Of The Deceased” as soon as possible…



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