Néma Gyász
(Filosofem Records)

The Hungarian duo WITCHER formed in 2010 and till now, have produced a handful of splits, demos and EPs, as well as two albums. Since the beginning, they have materialized a heavily synthesizer-oriented project delivered with the true spirit of Black Metal. Each of their past releases reflected that, and their 2012 EP “Néma Gyász”, was no different. Filosofem Records now re-released that release with a remixed version of the original EP, accompanied by a bonus song and with a new album art. Although, all song titles belong to their native tongue, with translations, we can get early motifs about the lyrical concept and atmosphere it beholds. ‘Silent Mourning’, ‘Rainy Day’, ‘On The Crossroads’, clearly nods for contemplative and atmospheric Black Metal that carries a deep reaction. No wonder they are influenced by genre staples, but the duo effortlessly added their personalized ideas throughout its long over 40-minute spell. The first real piece ‘Egyedűl’ (Alone) follows the hymn, instrumental dark ambient intro and has a length of more than nine minutes. Taken from there till the end, melancholic essence always lurks in the background of each track, where moods are never forced, epitomizes what we used to describe atmospheric Black Metal. Due to the heavy synth using, many exposed one might not go for a second listen, although if they listen beyond the keyboard, the end result would be pure Black Metal. The production is clear by standard and suits the mood of the album. Besides this re-release now has a creative and atmospheric cover artwork, that sets the early mood to delve deeper. Originally released under the banner of the Rotten Crowz Productions and later put on cassette by Schattenkult Produktionen, this re-release in revamped format now should be a worthy explore for fans of FALKENBACH, SUMMONING and perhaps NOKTURNAL MORTUM. To know more about the band and label, visit www.facebook.com/witcherband, www.facebook.com/filosofemrecords.

Randolph Whateley

Randolph Whateley

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