Mental Conflicts
(Vic Records)

There is no need to introduce German horde BLOOD to the readers here as I guess most of us are more or less familiar with the German Grind commando, that is still active nowadays and celebrated their 30th anniversary last year. This seemed to be reason enough for fine Dutch label Vic Records to rerelease their fourth output "Mental Conflicts", originally released by mighty Morbid Records back in the days. And what can I say about an album, which is 23 years old? It is still a damn classic and still very enjoyable. The nineteen (!) tracks plus intro deliver all what the listener of classic Grind stuff longs for. A rough and ugly bastard somewhere between 80s Punk, Thrash Metal, Death Metal and Grindcore. I already liked "Christbait" a lot but "Metal Conflicts" marked another step forward in their development as their sound became somehow more groovy even though they kept everything very simple and raw. But the good doze of classic Death Metal varied their material quite a lot. Sometimes close to the border of garage recordings, it turned out very rough but most enjoyable up to then. Maybe "Mental Conflicts" was not their most popular release back then, but definitely it is a must have for all fans of the band and genre. Good drumming, deep bass-lines, ugly antisocial grunts and screams enriched by funny samples and sudden stops really make this album worth to rediscover. Vic Records also added the four tracks of their ’95 "Spittle Red Of Blood" EP as bonus as well as a complete new booklet designed by guitarist Destroyer Eisen, so value for money and all that for a reasonable price. Don’t waste time and check the following official sources to get this killer album:,

Michael Kujawska

Michael Kujawska

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