O Agios Pethane
(Vic Records)

“O Agios Pethane” is the third album from BLOOD, and the one that marks the return of Martin on vocals (well, he left after this and returned for the last one). And if you don’t know what BLOOD is all about, you have been missing a Death / Grind band by excellence. They have always been more on the Death Metal side, yet they do take a lot of influences from Punk and Hardcore as well as noise and chaos, but always controlled and very heavy, with a good emphasis on the bass sound and the gurgling vocals. They create short songs with few riffs in them, but making the overall result a damned ear crushing massacre. They have influenced many bands, especially many War Metal bands like BLASPHEMY, but also bands like AUTOPSY and mid era NAPALM DEATH calls them an influence, so that will give you a sign. Actually this is probably my fave album of theirs, and even with few riffs and simple song structure, they deliver great songs, with no fillers and you can hear that they have fun playing their music. But do not get confused, they are the true embodiment of Death, and their sound will drill in your brain like only a few bands can do it. In close to 40 years of career, they have released eight albums and all of them in the same vein and quality. So, if you were missing this one in your collection, it’s the time to get it. They released their last album a few years ago, and it is also something to get blindfolded or bled til you die.,

Julián “Divine Seed” Núñez

Julián "Divine Seed" Núñez

O Agios Pethane
(Dunkelheit Produktionen)

Thank you very much, Dunkelheit Produktionen, for having re-issued this great album! There are few bands in this genre that I enjoy, but the criminally underrated BLOOD is one of them, and this album is quite an underrated gem. Expect 20 songs (around 1:40 – 2 minutes long each) that offer a multitude of fast and tasty Death Metal riffs, very organic sounding drums and over the top horrific low growls. Fans of IMPETIGO, NUCLEAR DEATH, TERRORIZER and REPULSION – this stuff should be right up your alley. BLOOD is one of those bands that sound exactly like what they are writing about – pure horror and chaos. On the other hand – there is no lack in variation when it comes to tempo changes, so chances to get bored by this album are rather low. Hell, even the breakdowns in the beginning of the song ‘Christbait’ sound so powerful and manly! Long story short – this is an A+ level oldschool Grindcore album, which fans of Death Metal and Grindcore alike should find enjoyable. Give it a try if you still haven’t!,,

Sergei Pismeny

Sergei Pismeny

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