Into The Eternal Pit Of Fire
(Detest Records)

BOMB OF HADES is not an old band but the musicians are veterans of Swedish Death Metal and played in great bands such as GOD MACABRE / MACABRE END, ABHOTH, TRIBULATION (the old one) and UTUMNO. So it’s not a surprise that they play Swedish Death Metal the old fashioned way. If you are looking for something new, something innovative or something edge cutting then better avoid "Into The Eternal Pit Of Fire". But you’ll surely love this EP if you’re looking for some good old stuff like it was played in the heydays of Swedish Death Metal during the early 90s. This is not just some retro stuff, this is the real shit. It really seems that someone found these recordings in a time capsule and just released it. This EP contains two really cool songs ‘Into The Eternal Pit Of Fire’ and ‘Confessor’ plus an intro and a cover of an old CARNAGE demo song ‘The Day Man Lost’ with guest appearance of Per Boder on vocals (to be honest, I don’t know who Per Border is) (ever heard the godly voice of MACABRE END / GOD MACABRE, Hacker? – Frank). I have to admit that I would have preferred if they only released the two own songs on this piece of vinyl. I don’t like the cover song that much and the intro is a bit boring and too long for an EP. Nonetheless, this is a fine release and a more than solid dose of Swedish Death Metal the way it should be played. By the way, this 7"EP is limited to 600 copies (450 in black and 150 in white Vinyl), so hurry up to get your copy soon.,



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