Rebirth Of Dissection
(Black Horizon / Escapi Music)
approx. 120min

One and a half months after Jon Nödtveidt was released from prison, DISSECTION already had booked a show at a small Swedish club in order to celebrate what was to become "The Rebirth Of DISSECTION ". But as that ended up selling out incredibly fast, the whole event had to be moved to a bigger venue, just to find out that it sold out in no time as well. So, in the end the show had to take place at an even bigger location (the ‘Arenan’ in Stockholm) on October 30, 2004. Next to Mr. Nödtveidt (on guitar and vocals), the line-up at the time consisted of Set Teitan on guitars (ABORYM), Tomas Asklund on drums (DARK FUNERAL, DAWN, INFERNAL) and Brice Leclerco on bass (NIGHTRAGE). Set and Tomas have become fulltime members ever since and can also be heard on the new DISSECTION album "Reinkaos" (the first one in eleven years!), while Brice (as well as other bass players) didn’t seem to work out on a personal level, so that DISSECTION will temporarely work as a three-piece. This DVD is a very impressive visual document of the brilliance of that particular Stockholm show. From the musical side of things DISSECTION have probably never sounded as professional and tight as in this constallation. The approximately 90 minutes long setlist showcases a very balanced mixture of "The Somberlain" and "Storm Of The Light’s Bane", which of course means tons of eternal classics. To my own personal surprise even ‘Maha Kali’, the only new track that night (from the previously released EP), fitted in very well and works out way better in combination with the classic stuff, adding more variety to it. The recording quality of the gig is just excellent (killer sound and lots of different, high quality camera shots), so that you should by no means miss out on this DVD if you consider yourself a DISSECTION fan. The bonus material includes a very professional video clip for the song ‘Starless Aeon’ (from the upcoming album), a 25 minutes long, very honest sounding interview with Jon Nödtveidt and a rather superfluous picture gallery (consisting of several stills from the show). For further info check out www.blackhorizonmusic.com or www.dissection.nu

Frank Stöver

Frank Stöver

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