Under Saturn Retrograde
(Agonia Records)

Italian FORGOTTEN TOMB is a totally new band in my books, this being the very first time for me to actually hear the band, so I cannot be so sure whether I can do enough justice for their latest release or not, without having any reference points to any of their early material, I mean. Anyway, "Under Saturn Retrograde" appears to be FORGOTTEN TOMB’s 5th studio album already – and what I have understood, the band’s 4 previous studio albums have been somewhat greatly received and appreciated by the Metal community. So, what I can make out of this, at least I have something here that gives me a reason to expect some quality standards from this 4-piece Italian act whether some expectations will be met or not. With a great relief, I can assure you already, there’s something truly intriguing and captivating in their sound. This is not the kind of stuff one couldn’t have heard before, but it actually doesn’t matter one damn bit because more than obviously we do have a pretty darn talented Italian group in our hands here.  What this is, I would call their stuff a rockin’, groovy Dark / Black Metal spiced with some 70s Doom and Rock twist; something along the lines of old KATATONIA, old OPETH, RAPTURE (Fin), "Gothic" era PARADISE LOST, HYPOCRISY and the likes – but contributed with more grim and dark terrains. What I really like about FORGOTTEN TOMB, is the way how they are able to incorporate weeping melodies, occasional clean-sung vocal parts, tiny piano parts, etc. so cleverly into their beautifully flowing, darkened Metal compositions – making the songs truly rich-sounding, atmospheric  and just very appealing in many ways even for listeners with more demanding tastes. Each song on "Under..", is just carefully arranged – with lots of dynamics; always coming straight on a listener’s skin, and causing waves of sweet and positive tickling in every cell of your body. Due to a great listening experience that I was privileged to confront with FORGOTTEN TOMB’s latest offering, I think I will also start seriously hunting down their past releases for my immediate listening pleasures – believing firmly that even they may have a fairly good chance to surpass my careful, yet so hopeful expectations about some sheer quality in them content-wise. The hunt has begun…,

Luxi Lahtinen

Luxi Lahtinen

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