Dawn Of Warfare
(Nebula Production)

In times in which only the strong survive the old Death Metal feeling has completely disappeared. Every band is trying to sound harder, faster, louder and even the founding members or follow up acts like SIX FEET UNDER have lost this essential touch. But this illness has found no further victim in Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia and my dear HUMILIATION still sound like a mixture of Bay Area anno 1995 vs. the “IVth Crusade”. Since the release of their “Face The Disaster” EP the band has added a further guitar player but from the musical point of view the band remained on their road of success towards the old school Death Metal heaven. This album is presenting ten tracks of fucking Death Metal right from the heart and the feeling is making the difference here. Let’s say it this way – the HUMILIATION line-up is definitely not incorporating a second Chuck Schuldiner – and maybe their music seems simple compared to other leading acts. But “Dawn Of Warfare” is a more than enjoyable album because you can hear from the very first minute that the guys love this music – and this is far more important than another high speed massacre and / or a big promotion machine. This band is worth every support so please contact these maniacs under

Matthias Auch

Matthias Auch

HUMILIATION - Death Campaign / The Ending In Fire (Thomas Meyer)
HUMILIATION - Face The Disaster (Matthias Auch)
HUMILIATION - Seek To Survive (Michael Oelschlegel)

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