Seek To Survive
(Ultra Hingax Productions)

These South East Asian warmongers are ready to attack again and invite you to join them on their campaign of heavy down tuned old school Death Metal. "Seek To Survive" is the band’s 2nd full length album after the 2010 release "Dawn Of Warfare". In addition to these outputs one MCD ("Face Of Desaster" in 2009) and a very limited 7" EP ("Brink Of Defeat" / 2011, only 200 copies were made) have been unleashed upon this rotten planet as well. After an instrumental intro (analogous called ‘Where It All Begins’) the band starts its lethal attack with ‘Lost Contact’ which has the same effect like you get rolled over by a tank. Very heavy and crushing, (mostly) midpaced Metal Of Death bringing well known acts like BOLT THROWER, DEATH or OBITUARY into one’s mind. Especially the guitar leads are sometimes close to the British legends. Most of the tracks follow more or less the same formula. A wall of sound created by both axemen plus thunderous and punishing drum work. Here and there these five Malay Deathbangers add some faster passages (much more than on their previous stuff) which makes the entire collection of bonecrushers even more intense. Compared to their older releases this five piece quite improved their songwriting skills and in my humble opinion HUMILIATION deliver much more memorable riffs now. I also enjoy the excellent brutal old school vocals, very well done growls by the horde’s frontbeast Bear Bee. Great. I don’t know if it is due to their label change (they switched from Nebiula Records to Ultra Hingax Productions) but the sound of the album is heavier, tighter and has a certain "warmth" if you know what I mean. Everything has more power, it isn’t so bone dry anymore and without any doubt the production can meet international standards. "Seek To Survive" is indeed a big step forward for the band and it is much more than a solid follow up to their debut full length. This well crafted and executed twelve tracker is able to catapult the quintet to the top of the mid paced old school Death Metal revival scene. A highly recommended disc for all lovers of the above mentioned bands and early 90s fans in general. Just check out ‘Hellfire Pass’, ‘Death March’ or ‘Pasir Penjang Ridge’. for the band and to get in touch with the label.

Michael Oelschlegel

Michael Oelschlegel

HUMILIATION - Death Campaign / The Ending In Fire (Thomas Meyer)
HUMILIATION - Face The Disaster (Matthias Auch)
HUMILIATION - Dawn Of Warfare (Matthias Auch)

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