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I hadn’t heard any albums by these Germans, and this is already their fourth release on German Democratic Recordings. They pleasantly surprised me. They have been active since 2016 and they have been quite active performing “live” with bands like BENEDICTION, MASTER, GALVANIZER, MORBIFIC, CRYPTIC BROOD… We can see that their music has evolved over the years (evolutions are not always positive). The sound of their first two albums, “Prospect Of Death” and “Violence And Insanity” was Death / Thrash with old school elements, featuring a somewhat dirty sound… I quite liked it. In their last two albums, “Mortal Domain” and the one we’re talking about, “Unexposed”, their sound has modernized a bit and become cleaner while retaining their old school elements. They sound very, very good, somewhat similar to DEFLESHED on their latest albums, but with fewer European influences. Their Death / Thrash has many influences from American Thrash Metal… memories of EXHORDER, DEMOLITION HAMMER, MORTIFICATION, INCUBATOR come to my mind… but with a more contemporary sound. Of the 9 tracks on the album, the first three have that American influence much more pronounced, including some riffs in the style of FEAR FACTORY (too many for my taste). They are good tracks, they should work very well live, but they are not to my taste. From the fourth song onwards, that influence is less pronounced, and they become more German. It’s Death / Thrash more in the style of DEFLESHED. The vocal delivery in this work is more brutal than their previous albums (more Death Metal). In their first two albums, the vocals sounded like Martin van Drunen of PESTILENCE / ASPHYX, but now they are more guttural. Perhaps it forces too much at the end of paragraphs, ending with very high notes. It always pushes the limits. That tires me… I don’t like when the vocals lines goes to the limit throughout the entire song. The album is very good… very powerful and extreme, with the best production of all their albums. If you’re into this type of Death / Thrash, mixing old school with riffs like FEAR FACTORY, you might like it.,

Oscar “evilcore666” Vazquez

Oscar "evilcore666" Vazquez

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