Rise To Power
(Conquest Music)

This could be the easiest review I ever did. I mean, what can you say about a perfect Death Metal album? Review finished. Buy or die! Okay, I’ll give you just a little more: for those of you who already liked “In Dark Purity”, “Rise To Power” is not going to let you down for a second! It’s perfect rage, perfect technicality, perfect brutality, mighty solos… I don’t know where to start! “Rise…” is a little more to the point than “In Dark Purity”. It’s more focused on old school, yet highly technical brutality. Still impressive on drums: Mr. Lee Harrison! I don’t understand why MONSTROSITY are still that much underground but maybe with the support of Metal Blade in Europe, things are going to change at last? Jason Avery on vocals simply knows how to do it and those melodic solos even remind me of one of my favorite guitar duos, the guys in AGENT STEEL! Just listen to those Spanish guitars in ‘The Fall Of Eden’! Or the extremely long, somewhat experimental last tune called ‘Shadow Of Obliteration’ featuring (cool sounding!) feedbacks over several minutes as outro! I hope this is gonna be out on vinyl as well although I’m not happy about the cover artwork (better than the one for the last two releases, though) and I can’t wait to see MONSTROSITY on stage again! After the tragic ending of DEATH, MONSTROSITY have become even more important. ‘Nuff said!

Ramon Claassen

Ramon Claassen

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