Live Apocalypse
(Conquest Music)

MONSTROSITY’s last album "Spiritual Apocalypse" already dates back to 2007, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the band has only been digging for boogers ever since. In fact, they were actually very active in the touring department and additionally even finished their first ever official full length DVD, entitled "Live Apocalypse". So, in order to shorten the time until their new album will finally see the light of day (they are currently working on it) fans of the band can pick up this DVD now. The title "Live Apocalypse" could be a bit misleading though since there’s actually only five full live songs on it, all of them professionally recorded at 2010’s edition of the Czech Brutal Assault Festival, with several cameras and a total playing time of 25:30 minutes. So, don’t expect the typical "concert only" DVD here… But then again, there’s another section on "Live Apocalypse" that features interviews with all band members, that also got spiced up with live / touring footage from the band’s tour of South America (31:49 minutes in total), so at the end of the day the DVD’s focus is definitely on the band’s live activities. The third and final chapter on "Live Apocalypse" is dedicated to MONSTROSITY’s recording session of "Spiritual Apocalypse" at Morrisound Studios in Tampa, Florida in 2007 (running time: 31:16 minutes). This overall big variety makes "Live Apocalypse" a rather diverting release, especially since none of the featured sections unnecessarily got extended to the max, which in my case usually results in nothing but boredom. Everything may seem a bit short at first, but in the end it works best for the DVD as a whole. The packing (digipak) is simple but fitting and only the overall layout / quality of the pics could’ve been improved a bit… but that’s a pretty irrelevant point of criticism for sure. And in case you should be asking yourself the same question than I did: yes, the DVD plays in all areas, so feel free to check out or for ordering details.

Frank Stöver

Frank Stöver

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