25 Years Of Blasphemy And War
(Dunkelheit Produktionen)

25 years is a very long time for many bands to keep their sound, image, and still keep going. MYSTIFIER have been such a band, hailing from the depths of Brazil and bringing the verbal rituals since 1989 these guys are true pioneers of Black Metal. Raging through 4 full length albums, their early material is once again available. Originally the material appeared on 2008’s "Baphometic Goat Worship" compilation issued by Nuclear War Now! Productions. Thanks to Dunkelheit Produktionen here’s what you get on this compilation: a re-Release of the bands first three demos ("Tormenting The Holy Trinity", "T.E.A.R." and "Aleister Crowley"). All 19 tracks have been carefully remastered in the Quintode-Studio in Essen (Germany) and are now presented in a luxurious A5 digibook edition, including a 32 page booklet and a A2 poster. The first 100 copies come with an embroided patch. Not a bad little setup, plus the remastering does the music justice. It’s interesting to check out the embryonic stages of what would become a legendary act. Lo-fi and raw the music speaks for itself these tracks laid the foundation for the epic full length album "Wicca". In my opinion the band really began honing their craft with the "T.E.A.R." demo by really exploring their sound and adding a much better production. I tend to like these compilations as you not only get the full demo material remastered but you also don’t have to spend a fortune. I believe by the time readers check out this review the compilation will be available in Europe with a tentative date in August for USA fans. Well worth checking out and a good addition to the collection. For more info:,,

Jaime Perez

Jaime Perez

MYSTIFIER - Profanus (Julián "Dare To Face The Beast" Núñez)
MYSTIFIER - Wicca (Julián “Tormentum Aeternu” Núñez)
MYSTIFIER - Goetia (Julián "The Sign Of The Unholy Cross" Núñez)
MYSTIFIER - Wicca (Angelica Jannone)

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