Death And Destruction

Years, I tell you! Years it has been since I have heard anything of worth, let alone any serious Thrash Metal barbarity rip from the earth out of Quebec, Canada. "Death And Destruction ", RIOTOR’s debut demo is one of the most promising, most proficient demo / CD recordings that I have had the pleasure to hear and to own! Any of you that read my reviews here in any regularity know that when I normally bitch about a new band who will waste my time by sending out a weak, unforgiving CDR of pure grade shit – this demo here is the exact audio benchmark equivalent that I hold those of inferiority up to and to judge against. A sonic barrier if you will, to what I get continually bombarded with on a daily basis, a shield of iron to deflect arrows of redundancy that those unworthy to be heralded perpetually make assault with upon these ears. Featuring six professional, semi-technical Speed / Thrash anthems, that I honestly believe not only will get them instantaneous recognition worldwide yet also in the same breath, it will only be a matter of time until you all are signed and most likely I’d wager to Heavy Artillery Records from New York! For fans of AVENGER OF BLOOD or Germany’s DESASTER, you can’t go wrong with these Canadian Speed merchants! Live for Steel – Die for Steel! Contact: or or 80 Hermine #302, Quebec, QC, G1K 8L9, Canada

Wes Rhodes

Wes Rhodes

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