The Ones I Condemn
(Marquee Records)

There are some names from the undying fires of the ’80s that manage to bring shivers down my spine by even looking at their logo… one of those bands is Canadian legend SACRIFICE, a band which I always had and still have a hard time to compare throughout the years as to whether they’re are better or not than the "other" Canadian legend, mighty SLAUGHTER… Of course such comparisons are mindless and do not lead anywhere because both outfits are kings as far as my ignorant ears are concerned and any attempt to compare their forces is in vein. Anyways, the news has been spread for some time already that good ol’ SACRIFICE has returned (initially for some live gigs) and the reputations were burning (so as our impatience) for a new full-length album. The wait is finally over and the band’s comeback album, entitled "The Ones I Condemn" is unleashed for all of us, hungry Thrashers. When I realized that Marquee Records was going to release it I was really happy for two reasons: first, Armando (the label’s mastermind) is a total SACRIFICE fanatic (which has rightfully been proven with the mind-blowing recent SACRIFICE re-releases he did) and second, the fact that the band stayed loyal to the small label (that showed great support and enthusiasm for the old material) instead of going with the tide and joining forces with commercial super-market labels that never really cared for SACRIFICE. Enough with the introduction, let’s go now to the actual topic, the album… first of all I couldn’t resist the temptation to buy the "luxurious", limited to 2000 copies version of the album (straight from the label) that is hosted in a beautiful slipcase with golden, engraved letters and containing 5 exclusive bonus tracks. First of all, when listening to such an anticipated album, one should not rush to draw any fast conclusions and should be skeptical and patient, because at times with big anticipation come big expectations and there is always the trap of becoming easily disappointed. I am saying this, because I’ve heard so many comments from people that make it obvious that they have not listened to the album properly. Anyways, let’s start again… the album shreds seriously! SACRIFICE are back (for good) with a vengeance and have power, wrath and Thrash Metal hunger to satisfy. The album may sound (to some) as a bit "modern" but if you pay close attention, the production is the only "modern" thing, in fact it’s clear, strong and allows one to listen everything clearly, but the music itself is killer, pure Thrash Metal with great guitars and solos and most importantly a lot of passion and honesty. I don’t see anything "false", anything "not honest" or anything that could characterize this as a bad album. Perhaps I am not cult enough or anything, but to my ears the album sounds just great and above all totally honest. This is music from the heart but with lots of skills and technique maintaining a balance as well, not cheap stuff and no boring technical passages that make you snore out of boredom. Just to avoid any unwanted dissatisfaction (in case you belong to the league of cult maniacs that don’t have a place in their heart for the current version of SACRIFICE) check the samples they have uploaded in their myspace page (myspace is false by the way) and make your own decision.,

Manolis A.

Manolis A.

The Ones I Condemn
(Cyclone Empire Records)

If an album burns its way to the top of our annual poll it’s only a matter of time until others will realize the potential of this release – especially if it’s such a killer album as the latest SACRIFICE output. So our dear friends from Cyclone Empire secured the rights for the European territory and all fans of old school (meaning real) Thrash Metal will light a candle in the next church for this friendly gesture – but a candle seems too small to proper advise our salute, a torch would be far more suitable. "The Ones I Condemn" has been released in 2009 via the Brazilian label Marquee Records and next to the ten normal neck breakers the re-release is offering one live bonus track (the title track from their 1991 "Soldiers Of Misfortune" album). So why should you buy an album from a band which was nearly inoperative for over 15 years – not counting the re-releases of their 80s back catalogue (also via Marquee Records)? The explanation is so extremely easy!! SACRIFICE know how to kick ass, and they know it not only for a single song but for over 40 fucking minutes. On one hand the album is raw and after listening to the title track it’s more than obvious where the new tendencies in modern Metal – called Deathcore – are stealing their ideas. But on the other hand there is so much freshness and variety within the songs – for example the final track ‘Desolation Alive’- that this album has the potential for various (meaning endless) rounds in my / your player. Some things in Metal will never die as long as there are bands like SACRIFICE and I can only agree to the fact that this band will definitely prevail.,,

Matthias Auch

Matthias Auch

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