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The small, but very fine Brazilian label Marquee Records is doing an extremely great job for quite a few years already, but when it comes to the dedication they put into re-releasing the back catalogue of Canada’s Thrash legend SACRIFICE, they even managed to surpass their already very high own standards! The deluxe treatment that they had given to the double CD editions of "Torment In Fire", "Forward To Termination" and "Soldiers Of Misfortune" even left the band members themselves pretty speechless as you’ll find out in the interview section on disc 2 of this double DVD set. With a very down to earth kinda attitude vocalist / guitarist Rob Urbinati, drummer Gus Pynn and bass player Scott Watts talk about this and other band related topics (coverartworks, the band history, life in the 80s, songwriting, live performance, their fans, the reunion etc.) and reveal an interesting inside look on the band’s career in about thirty entertaining – and definitely not boring – minutes. Another thirty-five minutes are dedicated to the band’s rehearsal, which was shot on September 22, 2006 – one day before their much anticipated reunion show at the Opera House in Toronto, Canada. You are about to see them rehearse ‘Forward To Termination’ / ‘Terror Strikes’, ‘In Defiance’, ‘Flames Of Armageddon’, ‘Burned At The Stake’, ‘Lost Through Time’ and ‘Soldiers Of Misfortune’ in a very good overall quality and almost get the impression that you’ve been part of that rehearsal yourself. But all these goodies should actually just be considered as bonus features, because the main focus of this DVD is of course disc 1, which features the already mentioned legendary SACRIFICE reunion show in its entirety. According to the band this was not only their best, but also their longest performance ever (the set itself is about 80 minutes long and in the past their shows usually were only 60 to 70 minutes long)… and even on this DVD version of it, you can still feel the magic that was in the air on that particular night! A lot of die hard SACRIFICE fans from all over the world showed up to see the reunion of the band’s original line-up and even though the guys aren’t in their teens anymore these days, SACRIFICE still delivered what they always did best: pure fuckin’ Thrash Metal without any compromises! Their stageacting may not be as raging anymore, but they make up for it with a way tighter sounding performance! And with so many classics to choose from, they couldn’t go wrong anyway (the setlist contained of 4 songs off "Torment In Fire", 8 songs off "Forward To Termination" and 5 songs of "Soldiers Of Misfortune"!). The gig was professionally filmed with several cameras and the result is nothing but a stunning legacy of a fantastic show that has to be added to every serious Thrash Metal fan’s collection! To complete the whole package you’ll also get the introductional words of the show from local promoter Noel Peters as well as an inlay folder with liner notes from RAZOR’s Dave Carlo, SOOTHSAYER’s Stephan Whitton, Robin Dudley (he runs the SACRIFICE facebook page) and Laurent Ramadier (SNAKEPIT MAGAZINE). More info and ordering details you may find at the label’s website

Frank Stöver

Frank Stöver

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