Fire At Will

Germany’s Death Metal squadron FEARER unfortunately is no more, but mainman Tom Zorn (guitar / vocals) has already assembled a new line-up (partly of the disbanded BK49) and returns to the scene as WEAK ASIDE now. The band’s previously released promo still came out under the SPEARHEAD banner, but from what I’ve understood the name had to be changed because of the British and / or Polish act of the same name. So, what we’ve got here is WEAK ASIDE’s 9 song (plus intro) debut full length, featuring all of the 6 songs off the aforementioned promo (in re-recorded versions though) plus 3 brandnew cuts (‘Calls For Fire’, ‘Fire At Will’ and ‘Observation’). In direct comparison to FEARER the music of WEAK ASIDE is a lot more catchy and less blasting, yet still totally rooted in brutal Death Metal the old school way. BOLT THROWER-esque heaviness and grooves go hand in hand with a doublebass driven ("Leprosy"-era) DEATH type, simple songwriting, while lots of killer riffs and deep growled vocals in the vein of Kam Lee (MASSACRE) complete the picture. This mixture really works perfect in a live situation as I could already experience myself not too long ago when WEAK ASIDE played their very first (impressive!) show in my hometown. And even though I heard most of their stuff for the first time that particular night, it already stuck in my head so much that I immediately recognized several tunes again on "Fire At Will" now. So, I really appreciate the fact a lot that there’s still bands like WEAK ASIDE around these days, that seem to value good songs over senseless blasting or ultra heaviness. For a self-financed release the packaging also deserves a mention here as it’s really exceptional: "Fire At Will" gets delivered in a military styled DVD box, while the CD itself comes in a cool vinyl design (hey folks, how the hell shall I add that to my CD collection, huh????). You can order it for ridiculously cheap 7,-Euro (ppd. in Germany) / 9,-Euro (ppd. rest of the world) at weakaside@web.de, so what are you still waiting for? More info you may find at www.myspace.com/weakaside

Frank Stöver

Frank Stöver

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