Born Undead
(Peaceville Records)

In the past, AUTOPSY already released several DVDs (for example the one included in the re-release of "Mental Funeral" or the DVD "Dark Crusades") and although they were all kind of charming, they hardly exceeded the level of an ordinary bootleg. "Born Undead" is the first DVD of AUTOPSY where you could say that they put some real effort in it. Unfortunately the result could once again have been better if they would have spent more time on several details. In "A History Of Horror", the whole history of AUTOPSY is revealed in about two hours, based on interviews with several bandmembers and comments of befriended bands such as CANNIBAL CORPSE and EXHUMED. You really need to have a pretty good knowledge of English in order to understand everything here, especially since not everyone speaks very clearly and many interviews were recorded during a soundcheck (and has therefore a lot of background noise) or have music running in the background. This documentary could definitely use some subtitles – even just plain English – but there are unfortunately none. AUTOPSY-chief Chris Reifert is a good storyteller but someone like guitarist Danny Coralles is obviously not very used to do interviews. The documentary itself is not bad but if you compare them with the documentaries bands such as ATROCITY and CANNIBAL CORPSE put out, you can only draw the conclusion that this could have been much better and much more interesting by, for example, also including bands they used to tour with such as PARADISE LOST, PESTILENCE and MORGOTH. Besides the documentary, you also have a live-section with recordings of several gigs AUTOPSY did in 2010. The main part is their performance at the Maryland Deathfest in 2010. The sound is pretty good and the band itself is also rather well captured by the camera. The show has a sort of underground-feeling, there are no special effects or whatever, which is ok. Nevertheless, the parts filmed at the Party San Festival make a much better impression. The stage here is much bigger, the audience is bigger and more enthusiastic and their show is spiced with many spectacular pyro-effects. Unfortunately the Party San show is just a few songs. Finally, the Hole In The Sky Festival was filmed with rather strange effects – it looks like you watch the show through a round binocular – and that’s unfortunately absolutely not a plus in our book. Finally this DVD is completed with the videos AUTOPSY recorded since their reunion, namely ‘The Tomb Within’, ‘All Tomorrow’s Funerals’ and ‘My Corpse Shall Rise’. Our final verdict: AUTOPSY fans won’t waste their money with the purchase of "Born Undead". The documentary is not uninteresting and the gig at the Maryland Deathfest certainly has its charm. Nevertheless, this could have been better and we can’t avoid having somewhat a feeling of disappointment. You can check out a DVD trailer at this location. All further info at,

Steven Willems

Steven Willems

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