Cannibal Crematorium
(Pulverised Records)

With a very familiar but still deadly sound, BONE GNAWER’s new album comes in full attack mode fronted by the legendary Kam Lee (MASSACRE, DENIAL FRIEND). After a long intro, "Cannibal Crematorium" presents us an effective buffet for those heavily into legendary bands like CARCASS and IMPETIGO to name a few. Besides, there is a ton of guests (at least one on each song) in this album, from Vincent Crowley from ACHERON to Dave Ingram from DEAD AMON THE DEAD MEN. Even though they will remind you of the bands mentioned you can feel the great combination of different Metal scenes in this case Sweden and Florida, two of the most iconic ever. "Cannibal Crematorium" is like the horror movie never written in all aspects, so sit back and be ready for this bloodshed.,

Rafael Bracero

Rafael Bracero

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