The Coffin Years
(BlackSeed Productions)

The reason why I asked Frank if I could join his reviewing forces from the darkside, is records like this. Eight years of GRAVEYARD and what else to say besides: what the unholy Death fuck!? What a merciless collection. “The Coffin Years” comprises the evilest selection of diverse split EP tracks, covered, rare, unreleased, and live material from this almighty Catalonian wolfpack. And its single provision is to show a fat fuck finger to each and everyone who is arguing about, if Death Metal nowadays is still alive or whatever. EVERY song of this compilation stands for pure Death dedication, and the honest will to destroy your little discussion group. Every track is a killer. Starting with ‘Into The Mausoleum’ from the 2007 self-titled first demo which underlines their will, pretty good. Up to the unreleased live recording of ‘Riding A Pale Horse’, showing that it doesn’t make a difference if live or on record. GRAVEYARD are doubtless one of the great torch-bearers of Death Metal. “The Coffins Years” just cementing that fact. One highlight chases the other. And there is no catching breath. Just to name a few of them: the incredible SODOM cover ‘Remember The Fallen’. The, killing each and everyone awesome as fuck, ‘Silent Whispers Of The Graveless’ from the 2014 split with ENTRAILS. Or the epic ‘What Dwells Beneath’ from the 2009 split with DEATHEVOKATION. And a lot more magnificence and surprises. Therefore it’s kinda useless to say something else besides, drop everything, breath deeply and try hysterically to get “The Coffin Years”. Now. It will give a meaning back to your life. Deaf Forever, Phil! More at:,



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