Into The Mausoleum

"4 hymns of pure Death Metal based on the late 80s and early 90s European tradition" – that’s what GRAVEYARD are all about. I copied this sentence from the infosheet I got together with this promo CD, therefore please excuse me for my lack of imagination how to describe GRAVEYARD’s sound. OK, I could be more precise, it’s Death Metal in the vein of CARNAGE on their "Dark Recollection" days, UNLEASHED back at "Where No Life Dwells" or even earlier, add influences from ABHORRENCE’s "Vulgar Necrolary" demo and a huge dose of early GRAVE, too. To be honest, some riffs sound not that original, I mean the beginning riff of ‘Ritual’ sounds so familiar that it annoys me that I can’t tell you from where I know this riff, haha. At least I think it has a certain CARNAGE vibe. ‘One Of Them’ borrows the riff of ‘Before The Creation Of Time’ and ‘King Of The Graveyard’ is so much ABHORRENCE-like that it is much more fun to listen to than you expect now while reading this. GRAVEYARD is everything else, but no rip off of the aforementioned bands, GRAVEYARD is playing Death Metal with heart. Perhaps I’m a bit close-minded, but hey, that’s Death Metal the way I love and want it. It makes my tapetrader-heart beat again. The fantastic titletrack is a perfect opener in the way ‘Left Hand Path’ started one of the most impressive albums ever made. And the last 1:45 minutes of this song are exactly what you need to hear from a Death Metal soon-to-be-classic, call it unoriginal to end a song like this, I simply don’t care. Fuck how great this song ends, this ritardando is simply perfect. If you are no fan of the old Death Metal than you will never understand a release like this, if treasures like "Dark Recollection" give you shivers down your spine even more than 17 years after its official release this promo is the real stuff. It includes 4 songs plus in- and outro. GRAVEYARD already signed a deal with Black Seed Productions who will release this promo officially on CD within the next months and the vinylversion will be released soon through Antichristian Front Records. Don’t hesitate to get this promo as long as it is available in this way. Write to and check out for news and songsamples.

Thomas Ehrmann

Thomas Ehrmann

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