Where Death Will Increase 1991-1994
(Morbid Wrath/Necroharmonic Productions)

Ever since Death Metal (and I mean real Death Metal) grew popular again, we’ve witnessed many good compilations of demo tracks by such bands as CREMATORY, GOD MACABRE, and other cult acts from around the globe. Necroharmonic supplies the United States with most of these compilations. Although there are other labels who do this, such as Relapse with NIRVANA 2002, Necroharmonic has, thus far, offered a more impressive roster of releases. Next on Necroharmonic’s to-do list is MASTICATION, and it’s probably safe to assume at this point that they’ll do a fine job. This latest compilation of INTERMENT material is long in coming, especially since the band itself returned in 2007 and recorded a split with FUNEBRARUM. Nevertheless, here it is in all its grisly glory. The CD collects all of the demo tapes the band ever made, including seldom heard songs ‘Enchanting The Weeper’ and ‘Shall Evil Unfold’ recorded in 1994 (as well as a video for the song ‘Infestering Flesh’ from 1992). I don’t know how the original tapes sounded, but it’s difficult to deny that the songs retain their brutality after digitalization. The impressive CD booklet includes a detailed band history, an interview with vocalist / guitarist Johan Jansson from 2009, lyrics, demo covers, and lots of old pictures and flyers. INTERMENT were a second generation Swedish band, and as such they were most likely lumped in with the ENTOMBED clones, which is one way to explain why their debut album, "Into The Crypts Of Blasphemy" took so long to realize (to be released via Pulverised Records in April 2010). It’s a shame they were ignored, because they are not ENTOMBED clones.,

Nathan Shapiro

Nathan Shapiro

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