Rest In Morbid Darkness
(Season of Mist)

So, how many bands named PEST do you know? There are quite a few. In fact I had only heard about the Finnish PEST. But this one, the Swedish one, is in fact a bit better in my opinion. Both are Black Metal, but this demented Swedish duo (which seems to be like that since the beginning) are more of a direct in your-face Black Metal attack. Rooted in the early wave of Norwegian Black Metal, which is again rooted on early BATHORY and HELLHAMMER, they have created in this album 9 songs of cruelty and blasphemy. With titles like ‘Bestial Crucifixion’ and ‘Vomit Up The Blood Of Jesus’ you can make yourself an idea. More than 10 years since being created, they have developed their sound from a more primitive approach to this. At times, it does remind me a bit of NIFELHEIM, and that probably recalls that those other Swedes at times sounded like an uncontrolled beast, like the early south American Death / Black Metal, so it might be the relation directed that way, although PEST are way more morbid and less melodic. The production values although kept quite basic, are more than enough to make things sound quite good and still raw. The more I listen to it, the more I find interesting things. Pure blackened demo Metal, as they call it. The only weak point, the damn awful cover art, but I guess it was intended to be like that. So if you like primitive, raw Metal, but played with conviction and fury in a dirty thrashy way, look no further. Oh, yeah PEST hates myspace!!! Now, I like them more…

Julián Núñez

Julián Núñez

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