Fascination For Mutilation

From time to time I wonder what’s so great about Swedish Death Metal? I wonder why I never got tired of listening to bands like old ENTOMBED, CARNAGE, DISMEMBER, GRAVE, UNLEASHED during the years or bands playing a comparable style of music. At times I got tired of regular Heavy Metal, at times I got tired of Gothic Metal, at times I got tired of Black Metal, but I never got tired listening to old school Swedish Death Metal, as primitive as this style of music was and is! PUTERAEON is one more band playing this type of Death Metal with huge similarities to those infamous names as ENTOMBED (just listen to the beginning riff of the second song ‘Butchery Torment’ which is in a way a pure rip off of the beginning of ‘Drowned’ by ENTOMBED – but it’s damned great), GRAVE, DISMEMBER, UNLEASHED (‘Cannibalistic’ – awesome!!) and for sure AUTOPSY (A Swedish band??? Hm, someone has to correct me here, haha!) and that’s just awesome. The sound of this 8 song CD couldn’t be better – professional recorded in Studio Stunlight (no writing mistake, haha) – the guitars shred as they are supposed to shred on a Swedish Death Metal recording, the drums are utterly tight and the overall technical ability of the musicians is fantastic which you can easily discover while listening to this tight played bunch of songs. Seriously, here fits everything and I wouldn’t wonder if an even more professional recording will follow pretty soon. I have no biography of PUTERAEON (by the way, a typical name in the old school vein if you ask me, haha) but from what I read on the internet PUTERAEON consists of guys which play or at least used to play in such bands as TAETRE, NOMINON, PROPHANITY or INVERTED – not the most unknown bands… Correct me if I’m wrong! OK, what’s left to say? The cover painting is shit, but it reminds me to cover paintings of some old demotapes I have at home – unprofessional, black and white, childish and I’m sure here on this release definitely meant to be this way! The demo sells for 4 € in Europe or 5 € elsewhere. Ask for it at deathvirus666@hotmail.com. For those craving for something original can definitely shut the fuck about and listen to something else…

Thomas Ehrmann

Thomas Ehrmann

PUTERAEON - The Extraordinary Work Of Herbert West (Thomas Ehrmann)
PUTERAEON - The Crawling Chaos (Thomas Meyer)
PUTERAEON - Imperial Anthems No. 13 (Thomas Meyer)
PUTERAEON - The Requiem (Thomas Ehrmann)
PUTERAEON - interview (Thomas Ehrmann)

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