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Fuckin’ SABBAT from Japan must be THE Metal Institution! For 26 years they’re making a hellish concoction of Speed / Heavy / Thrash Metal under the guidance of Gezol (bass / vocals) and Zorugelion (drums / vocals). So it’s been 8 years since the last full length album "Karmagmassacre" and during that period long-time guitarist Temis Osmond has been replaced by Ishidamian. Still die-hard SABBAT maniacs don’t have to worry as their spirit and sound and everything else hasn’t changed much. "Sabbatrinity" offers 10 tracks of pure SABBAT Metal – 100% proof! It’s firmly rooted in the old school Thrash as in (old) SODOM, Black – as in (old) VENOM and with a good fiery dose of NWOBHM. This is an as primitive description as one can do describing SABBAT. If you heard at least some of their songs, you will pretty much know what to expect. If not, you are reading the wrong webzine or you are very young and on the right (or left hand) path, in that case you must go and buy "Sabbatrinity" as soon as you can, because it embodies fuckin True Metal in Japanese way. It’s full of hellbent scorchers and my faves are ‘Black Metal Scythe’, ‘Total Destruction’, ‘Northern Satanism’, ‘Root Of Ultimate Evil’ and ‘Karmagmassacre’. It just reeks of METAL and without further ado I rest my case. Get "Sabbatrinity" NOW!,,

Mindaugas “Plix” Lapinskas

Mindaugas "Plix" Lapinskas

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