Cosmic Horror
(F.D.A. Records)

SLAUGHTERDAY is a two piece German band worshipping at the altar of DISMEMBER, AUTOPSY, ASPHYX and their brethren of old school Death Metal. This is actually their debut demo tape released by F.D.A. Records on a limited by 166 copies edition run and obviously a digital download for those people who threw away their tape players or haven’t bought them at all. So these rotting Germans (who also were involved in OBSCENITY and BK-49) laid down four quite lengthy tracks clocking in about 5 minutes each and if you played your DISMEMBER albums to death and know every single note of them but still crave for more in such vein then SLAUGHTERDAY will certainly satisfy your bloody appetite. The guitar sound is processed through HM-2 pedal turned to maximum, so you get that thick, fat tone, the production is flawless and the originality factor is nil, but who cares if it’s played with such conviction! If you don’t, then stop right here and get the tape or digital download and enjoy it, there’s not much more to be said for you. But if you actually can’t be bothered to listen to every classic Swedish Death Metal clone which is springing by the tens each month and are looking for a bit more personality in a band or at least not directly copying the riffs note to note, then SLAUGHTERDAY will pass over your head without leaving any long lasting memories. For you, picky bastards, this month I recommend to spend your cash on a new TRIBULATION album "The Formulas Of Death" and see how that classic Death Metal sound can be taken much further! In any case, "Cosmic Horror" is still worth checking out and I’m looking forward to hear a debut album nonetheless! For all further information check out,

Mindaugas ‘Plix’ Lapinskas

Mindaugas 'Plix' Lapinskas

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