If you’ve not heard of FERAL yet, you soon will for they’re set to tour with the legendary MASTER this coming year. Although this is FERAL’s first demo, it demonstrates a band that is at last beginning to find itself. Previously, FERAL played Black Metal, and despite the fact that several Black Metal styled riffs do appear in scattered bits and pieces throughout the demo, its beyond abundantly clear that FERAL have had their fill of cold, icy, grimness and have opted for the gritty, hairy and groove based Death N Roll as pioneered by ENTOMBED, COMECON and FURBOWL. All in all, FERAL’s songs are quite promising, especially the first one, ‘Graverobber’. Expect nothing short of beer swilling Death Metal the Swedish way. www.myspace.com/feralswe

Nathan Shapiro

Nathan Shapiro

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