Himnos Rituales De Guerra Y Total Devastación
(Iron, Blood And Death Corporation)

Active since 2002 this is actually the 10th full length album form this Colombian band that up to this day still plays old school Black / Thrash Metal. Through the years they have added other types of music to some of their albums, where some have a more Death Metal edge, and others a more Speed Metal approach. In this one they decided to go in a full Black / Thrash Metal mode, not far away from early SODOM, BATHORY and VENOM. They also have quite a variety in their lyrical approach, as this one goes from alien conspiracies to zombies and the end of the world. The reason is that this album actually consists of re-recordings of early songs, but given a more proper form. Also, the production on this album is a bit more on the rawer side, probably done on purpose to attain that old school sound, as the guitars sound a bit thin, but they are still very present in their sound. The vocals don’t differ that much from many other Black’n’Roll bands with a raspy higher end pitched voice. There are certain things that sometimes reminds me of NIFELHEIM and some others of MIDNIGHT, so fans of those bands will definitely find something here. I must add that the execution and performance is obviously very good, as the band members have a lot experience creating these hymns for the devil. The solos are very Heavy Metal of the old skull style, and there is place for wicked melodies on all of their songs. I think that, different vocals and a bit more powerful mastering could have given this album greater results, as more than once I found very catchy riffs. But again this is a trip to the past of the band, so all those things were basically done with the purpose of showing their roots with a twist on updating them and basically having fun. Before this they have released a beast of an album in “CCX”, which has a more Death Metal sound and a very powerful production. In any way, check this band and all of their releases as I am sure that this is one of the best bands Colombia has to offer.,

Julián “Misanthropist God” Núñez

Julián "Misanthropist God" Núñez

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